Recruitment Services

Based on Leadership Management Development Center strengths that makes it unique in providing the best skills, LMDC offers appropriate Manpower preparation and provision that suits the current stage, which commensurate with the future economic vision.


To be the premier source of confidence and professionalism in providing the appropriate manpower to lead business organizations’ future.


To provide qualified manpower with special competencies and skills in all management and technical fields, that cover business environment needs, surpassing the gap between actual needs of labor market and available ones through human development experts and specialists in various business organizations.

Core Values
  1. Service: Exceed customer expectations is our top priority.
  2. Integrity: Our responsibility is to deal with honestly and integrity in the relationship with our customers on an individual and organizational level.
  3. Professionalism: Optimizing our time and effort to get the job done with the utmost precision.
  4. Work ethics is our Constitution to fulfill our responsibility towards the business community.
  5. Knowledge: We hold a profound knowledge of the needs and requirements of the business environment.
  6. Experience: Relying on 25 years of experience in researches and organizational development.
  7. Partnership: The customer is our success partner.
Our Services:
Direct Recruitment

Provide direct employment services to requested companies wanting to employ for their vacancies.

Online Recruitment

Provide online employment services for job seekers, and for companies wanting to recruit individuals to browse through a collection of CVs in our page, as well as for companies wanting to advertise their vacancies.

Our Work Methodology:
Searching our database:

Our first step begins with a closer examination of the candidates’ CVs that match with the job description, and the specific requirements of the job, as well as the salary and benefits allocated for the job, in addition to the basic information about the requesting party for the service. Accordingly, we filter the CVs to reach to the best candidates who posses the required specifications and have previous practical experience which qualifies them to fill the vacancy.

The selection phase:

We turn to the next stage by holding personal interviews with the most suitable candidates and commissioned by our HR experts and specialized consultants in the desired field. This is followed by conducting various tests in English, Computer and psychometrics to measure the individual’s behavior in order to determine the validity of these individuals to hold the job and their evaluation in terms of efficiency, competence, skill and personality traits, as well as to measure the extent of their desire and motivation for this job*.
* LMDC provides special service to train and develop individuals who are potential and desired but lack in some areas to meet our candidates’ requirement to acquire the skills and knowledge needed to fill different functions.

Prepare a Short list:

After the interviews, a short list is prepared of three or four potential job candidates along with providing detailed report on each candidate describing his personal data, background , career, technical and professional skills, his/her strengths and weaknesses, in addition to our recommendations . Finally, the final selection of the candidate is handed to our client.

Why Us?
  1. Extended experience in the field of Human and Organizational Development.
  2. Provide Human Resource integrated solutions for our client where it is directed - in case of need - for the use of other services provided by LMDC such as Training, Consulting and other business solutions available.
  3. Long list of experts dealing with the LMDC through all activities offered.
  4. Inter-relationships with a large number of public and private sector companies and organizations.
  5. Holding protocols with large bodies and training centers in the Arab countries also with international organizations working in the field of human development.
  6. Participate in annual recruitment forums that are held in major universities and institutes.